Saturday, August 22, 2009


I now know a couple of people in my life that have started or will start blogging again, so I decided to go with the crowd and start again as well.

Summer is lovely, I wish it would never end. Earlier this summer I embarked on adventure called CTY-CLI, which takes about 100 kids into either Baltimore (where I went) or San Fran to learn about social justice and community service. I expected a bunch of kids like those in Radnor to be there...I was wrong.

My closest friend from there lives a life I could never imagine living...she has experienced every type of abuse I can think of and has emotional scars to prove it. All 14 kids in my class, and my teacher and t.a., taught me things about life that I will never forget. Every person I met in the program and on community encounters taught me things about life that I will never forget. The most important thing that I learned? To quote the song "The Gambler" by fun., "we should live until we die".

Summer since has been, like I said, lovely. Friends, ponies, family, college, school, sleep, eat, travel, live. Time to read some bio homework.